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Femometer Digital Basal Body Thermometer

Femometer Digital Basal Body Thermometer -Fertility Monitor with Smart App,Record BBT Manually,Draw BBT Chart&Pinpoint Ovulation Day Automatically for NFP,High Accuracy Perfect Companion for Ovulation.

  • Multifunctional Thermometer: This thermometer with high accuracy (1/100 Degree) can be used as a basal thermometer for pregnancy, or as a general thermometer to measure fever. This highly sensitive basal thermometer is an excellent device for the natural family planning process and more accurate and reliable for fever.
  • Manually enter data & Automatically Chart: Use Femometer APP (iOS & Android) to record your BBT data (manually enter data into the app). The APP will automatically draw your BBT chart and pinpoint your ovulation. We respect your data privacy. All your data is safely stored in the cloud but is accessible in app.
  • Slow But Accurate: It takes a little longer when tracking your Actual Basal Body Temperature. But it also means you know exactly what’s going on in your body. This thermometer is clinically accurate with high precision. 
  • Internationally Certified: FDA and CE approved. This digital thermometer is made from high-quality material, safe to use and easy to clean with water.


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